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Gourmet wedding favors

Gourmet Wedding FavorsYou'll face no objections if you choose to treat your guests with our unique chocolate wedding favors. For a celebration everyone will remember, garnish a reception hall's tables with one of our chocolate party favors. We have chocolaty choices for any preference or lifestyle, including organic and vegan selections. You can also choose many colors to match your occassion. Or you can try our gourmet hot chocolate. Also, you'll find our price range appealing choosing in groups of five. You can select gourmet wedding favors which begin at under five dollars. Thus, you can choose your treats based on your available funds. Having chocolate available at a ceremony or reception supplements the occasion's cheer, bringing joy to guests of all ages. We will happily cooperate with you to heighten the enjoyment of your life's most memorable moments. Please browse the many options available at - not only our unique wedding favor ideas, but our European designer chocolate as well.

Unique chocolate wedding favors

Unique Chocolate Wedding FavorsWe're not like the other gourmet chocolate stores! Though our items' taste alone will win over anyone who appreciates chocolate, we also take pride in presentation. Our delicious chocolates come wrapped in beautiful packaging, for pleasing the eye before the palette. Your wedding guests will delight in the sophisticated adornment concealing the gourmet wedding favors within. Furthermore, our items make fantastic gifts for the bride and groom. The quality of our Swiss chocolates will thrill any guest, and the many different packagings to choose from ensure unique chocolate wedding favors or gifts. If you'd like to learn more about our chocolate, including our organic dark chocolate , vegan dark chocolate or our European chocolate, please see our many informational pages by following the corresponding links above. Thank you for your interest in Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone if you would like further assistance.

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