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Organic dark chocolate: delicious goodwill

Organic Dark ChocolateNot only will the taste of these organic chocolates delight you, but you'll also have the comfort of knowing that you're serving the planet, and humanity, by supporting organics. Organic dark chocolate is created using no additives, pesticides or human fertilizer, an also contains no ingredients from genetically modified produce or livestock. Furthermore, no ionizing radiation has touched these products. The popularity of organics has seen a sharp increase in recent years, as the world becomes more health and environmentally conscious. Please see the many options we have available, including dark chocolate vegan selections. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients used in these scrumptious morsels, please contact us to learn more. And, by the way...they make unique chocolate wedding favors!

Dark chocolate truffles: Health benefits?

Organic Dark ChocolateRecently, studies have suggested that cocoa may provide certain benefits to human health. Cocoa's very high concentration of antioxidants can have many positive effects. However though normal and organic dark chocolate have such benefits, it seems that the presence of milk in or with chocolate may negate many of the health benefits. The dark chocolate truffles available from contain only the finest ingredients, so it is possible that you may reap the benefits of cocoa through our quality products. Remember, however, that it may be wise to reduce your caloric intake if you choose to supplement your diet with dark chocolate truffles. Please see the following article to learn more.

Dark chocolate: vegan sweetness

Simply put, veganism is a lifestyle which excludes the use of all animal products, whether in food, clothing, hygiene products, or anything else. The dark vegan chocolate selections available do not use any animal products, and will make a great gift to anyone who practices this ethical philosophy. One popular choice in this area is the Pave Glace, a solid, soft dark chocolate that immdiately melts in the mouth. Also, vegans will love our hot chocolate mix which contains no animal products. If you would like to know the exact ingredients contained in these products, please contact us directly via email or toll free telephone. Thank you for choosing


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